About the luthier

Kurt Jaeckle

Kurt has been repairing guitars and building custom guitars since 2003m and initially pursued lutherie as a healthy diversion from his main job as a physician. Kurt developed his background skills in woodworking and refinishing under the as a young man, and was later trained in building under Kent Everett in 2003,  refining his soundboard voicing skills under Ervin Somogyi in 2007. Kurt prides himself in finding the optimum voicing for a particular soundboard, and tailoring the instrument to the guitarist’s playing style and application. His goal is to produce the finest instrument possible for the given application and client. Kurt has also played guitar for over 50 years.

Each instrument is carefully constructed from the finest available woods and materials possible, given the particular application and price point. A combination of intuitive qualitative methods as well as quantitative technical evaluations are utilized during instrument construction to optimize the responsiveness, focus, and output of each instrument. Each guitar is constructed by Kurt by hand, one at a time.  Our main goal is to design and build an instrument that the accomplished guitarist will treasure for many years to come.

Repairs: Kurt began repairing guitars while in college, and for the past 20 years has performed repairs of all types on acoustics and electrics, including vintage and newer instruments.

Kurt is a Martin & Co. ®️certified authorized repair technician, and a Taylor Guitars®️Silver Certified Repair Technician, and routinely performs warranty and non-warranty services on these fine instruments