Repair Estimate$20If work performed, applies to repair
Minor Set Up$40Includes setting action; adjusting fretboard relief;
oiling fingerboard and fret cleaning;
Full Set Up$60Includes setting action; adjusting fretboard relief;
optimizing nut string slot depths (if needed),
tightening and lubing tuners; adjusting saddle height
(if needed); minor fret work, oiling fingerboard and fret polish
Fret Leveling$125Includes Basic Set up services, recrowning, filing/resmoothing fret ends, and fret polising. Additional costs if fret replacement needed
Partial Re-Fret$100 – $200Depends on number of frets replaced and
fingerboard repairs needed, whether nonbound/bound fingerboard. Customer can choose fret size. Includes Basic set up services
Full Re-Fret$200 – $300Depends on fingerboard repairs needed, whether non-bound/bound fingerboard. Customer can choose fret size. Includes Basic set up services.
New Custom Bone Nut$80Includes optimizing string slot depth to order
New Custom Bone Saddle$60Includes custom compensation for intonation
Replace Tuners$30Does not include tuner cost (owner can choose, cost will be quoted). Filling and spot refinishing of old tuner screw holes extra, based on number of holes, etc. Quote provided
Replace Strings$10Plus String cost (customer choice). Includes cleaning and oiling fret board
Install Strap Button$20 eachCustomer choice of finish (brass, nickel, chrome etc.)
Broken Headstock$100 – $300Depends on extent
Re-Set Neck$400 Includes basic set up services
Replace BridgeStandard ~$125
Custom ~$175
Remove/Replac Bridge Plate$150
Install Pickup$50 – $100Depends on whether undersaddle, transducer or
both. Does not include pickup cost (customer choice,
will quote)
Install Pickguard$35 – $60Depends on factory vs. custom
Buff and Polish Body and Neck$35
Finish and Dent RepairBy Quote
Misc. Repairs (Cracks, Loose Binding, Loose or Broken Braces, etc)By Quote