Model Information

All Prism models are steel-string guitars that are custom voiced, one-by-one, to maximize the clarity, evenness of response, and open responsivity. Special attention is given to optimizing these characteristics for every soundboard, regardless of the wood type. Although some models are better suited to specific styles of music, each guitar will be built with the individual player’s goals, playing styles and particular musical needs in mind.

Discussions will take place before the build process begins to decide on the eventual purpose of the instrument, be it for bluegrass, jazz, fingerstyle, blues, or for general purpose. In other words, all models can be manipulated by wood choice and voicing to enhance the frequency of response, overall projection and directionality for specific applications, or voiced for more multi-purpose use. Models are all right-handed, but may be ordered left handed if desired.


The Prism Dreadnought (D) is a favorite for performers, singers, strummers, and bluegrass, but is also a good all-around instrument. It is a guitar designed to be heard above the din. This model is characterized with emphasis on the lower end frequencies, but with plenty of presence in mids and highs. Learn More

Concert Jumbo

The Prism Concert Jumbo (CJ) model is probably the most flexible model overall. This is a guitar with significant character and volume, with excellent balance across all frequencies. Many prefer the Concert Jumbo because it is easy to hold on the lap due to the relatively tight waist. The Prism CJ is excellent for fingerstyle, but also for plectrum picking or strumming. Learn More

Grand Concert

The Prism Grand Concert (GC) model is a good choice for someone wanting a slightly smaller guitar. The GC is easier to hold on the lap due to the slightly smaller lower bout and tighter waist. It is an excellent fingerstyle or general play instrument for the home or coffee-house setting. However, it will hold its own in jamming sessions. The Prism GC is modified with deep lower bout special voicing and other alterations to maximize bass response, but retains an even balance across midranges and trebles. The Prism GC carries more mid-range punch than the larger models and a surprising amount of bass for its size. Learn More

Dimensions of Prism Guitars (in inches)

Grand ConcertConcert JumboDreadnought
Overall Length39 7/840 7/841
Length of Body19 7/162020
Upper Bout11 7/1611 5/812
Waist9 5/169 5/810 9/16
Lower Bout15 1/416 1/415 9/16
Depth at Tail Block4 3/84 1/24 3/4
Scale Length25.4 or 25.925.425.4

If you are thinking of ordering a Prism guitar, would like more detail, or would just like to discuss a possible design please contact me by

Since each guitar is custom modified based on the individual guitarist’s desires and playing styles, it is best to contact me and tell me what exactly you are looking for in an instrument. We can discuss some of the key issues that help guide the building of an instrument that matches you (or the person that you are purchasing it for).

Your initial down payment holds a place in the build schedule for you and fixes the base price of the instrument at that time, please see Terms and Agreements