Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Terms & Agreements?

A deposit of $250 (U.S dollars, non-refundable) is due at time of the initial agreement/order. This will hold your place in the build schedule, and offers the advantage of fixing the agreed basic model price at that point in time. The model and preliminary list of desired features will be written up at this time, and an estimate of cost provided.

An additional $500 is due at time of initiation of build. At that time, the customer will receive a specific, line-item order summary (quotation) which will detail the elements of the instrument desired and specific costs. The actual build will not begin until the final approval of the guitar feature list and actual receipt of the initiation of build fee. The additional cost of custom features will be added to the standard price and communicated to the customer at the time of initiation of build. Although the base price will already be fixed at the time of the customer deposit, there maybe changes in the final price (customized features), based on additions by the customer or significant changes in market prices of materials (e.g.  Brazilian Rosewood, etc). Any such fluctuations in the costs will be provided in a revised written quote provided to the customer and requiring customer written approval prior to starting the build. This final approved quote will not change, unless additional features (that cost us more) are requested and added by the customer and mutually agreed to, subsequent to the build start date.

The balance of the quote is due at time of completion of guitar and prior to shipping.

What is the Standard Price for a Prism Guitar?

The standard price for all models is $1995 (US dollars), which includes a fine quality hardwood-reinforced hardshell case (e.g. TKL).

What are the details about Shipping & Insurance?

These will be extra and will be provided at the time the guitar is delivered, and will vary with the shipping method (standard shipping is UPS or FEDEX ground), value of the guitar, and location of the customer. Faster shipping methods offered by these carriers are of course available if desired. We only charge actual shipping costs plus a nominal cost for the shipping box.

Please contact me prior to shipping so we can go over the details, thanks!

Which Forms of Payments are accepted?

Cashiers check, bank check, postal money order, PayPal™ or wire funds transfer. The funds must clear before the mailing of the instrument. All major credit cards accepted.